The owner of The Victorian Cafe is taking his famous bloody mary's and moving across town...sorta. John Nolan recently unveiled theHideaway, a sports bar on Bend's Eastside. Complete with eight brand-new flat screens (all 55-60", if you're a guy and care about those things), surround sound, couches and a pool table, it's the man-cave you and your buddies have been waiting for.

First things first, why open a sports bar on the Eastside when Nolan's had such success with the Westside?

Simple: "I wanted a place that was a little bit down the road," said Nolan. "Not everybody always wants to be in a see and be seen kind of's a great place to kind of get away and be in a place you want to be."

If you can find the Hideaway (here's a hint: it's where Grover's Pizza Place was for over 30 years), then you'll also find out it has all staples of a great sports bar: 17 beers on tap including craft brews from around town, great food and enough tables to give you a little elbow room.The game-day classics like sliders, pizza and buffalo wings are all on the menu but there's a catch...the wings are actually JUMBO drumsticks, all the food is made from scratch and locally sourced ingredients take the Hideaway from typical to tasty. 

Nolan's head chef, Asa Kenney, previously worked at Bend's Jackalope Grille and is bringing his obsession for unique, quality food to theHideaway. Take the Mac & Cheese, it's done up with spicy andouille or roasted tomato and herb -- sounds expensive but it goes for five bucks. Prices for pizzas just make sense, a 12 inch is $12 and you can get a 16" pie for $16. "The Hunter" is sure to be a winner with theguys, as your server what today's meat selection is and that's what will be on top of cheesy goodness. Likewise, "The Gatherer" is whateverthe daily veggie selection is. 

The Hideaway is Nolan's long-time dream come to fruition and on opening night it was packed. 

"I'm a huge sports fan, for the last few years I've just been sitting in my living room with the game on always thinking to myself, 'there needs to place where it's like your living room...outside of your living room'," said Nolan.

Now there is, it's like your living room...but with better college game-day packages, and cocktails you couldn't create on your own. TheHideaway has a full-bar featuring pepper-infused cocktails among others, and they're all served by stylish, smiling waitresses. The drinks are stiff and made with the freshest of fresh ingredients.

"I want to serve, good, solid drinks," said Nolan. "It's just like the Vic, the drinks will be good there's no skimping, but also at the same time, we're not going to pour them to where they're too strong to drink."

No fool, Nolan knows plenty of women would rather cheer on their favorite teams on game-day than spend their weekends shopping and he hopes they bring their friends and pull up a chair at the Hideaway. Dad's day to take the kids? They can come too, any day of the week until 10PM.

Alright, back to the menu. Start off your weekend at the Hideaway with half-price booze and food during happy hour from 4-6. The rest of the week you can get your late night happy hour on from 9 to close.

About closing...Nolan says the cheering section will stay open depending on the night. Roughly, hours are weekdays open at 11 a.m. and close at 3 a.m. if it's busy. Saturday and Sunday, early risers can come in for breakfast starting at 9 a.m. The brunch menu will be sure to kill any hangover and leave your taste buds craving more. Your options are as follows; sticky buns, thyme buttermilk biscuits with house made gravy, frittatas of all sorts including veggie, smoked gouda and sausage. Pizza in the morning is always best, but don't reach for the cold, cardboard-esque Dominos leftovers in your fridge, instead head to the Hideaway for breakfast pizza piled high with bacon, asparagus, onion, sweet cherry tomatoes, sunny side up eggs and fresh mozzarella.

If you're looking for a sports bar that doesn't already have a "regular crew" who makes you feel like the last picked kid for the kickball team at recess when you walk in the door... stop by the Hideaway. Well-known and well-liked in town, Nolan already has a following but there's always room for new team members and the game will always be on, best of'll never have to   worry about finding the remote.